Monday, September 12, 2011

To live as a monster or die as a man?

Found these photos in my camera! They were taken quite a few months back if I'm not wrong...?

Don't you just LOVE this dress! The moment I laid eyes on it I knew that this was god's gift to mankind. Though it was slightly pricey since its from Korea, I just couldn't resist it! It looks exactly like it just sprang out from a Paul & Joe Sister collection doesn't it? Ah, the whimsical, hand-painted-like does that seem to tread softly on a cream coloured dress.... and the intricate lace waistband! Another dress that evokes sweet childhood memories and never fails to make me smile. Simply divine! I could dance all day in this~ ( ´∀`)

Anyway, tomorrow is my first day at work! If all goes well (hopefully), I'll tell you guys more about it!

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