Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coming back to my senses

Boots:Jeffrey Campbell Busted Platform/ Collar: Romwe / Whale Shirt: Topshop / Velvet shorts: Australia / Sunglasses: Australia Fleamarket / Gold Frame Bag: Taobao

Its been a while. My laptop is haunted, what's new for you?

I've finally signed on to lookbook! Off to a very unpopular & awkward start.. but I really do enjoy looking at people's mind blowing, creative outfits from all different parts of the world. Hell, I've even created a special picture folder in my hand phone to save people's looks so I can look at them & admire them in my own time.... (god I sound like a a creepy stalker)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wrenched Insides

Spent a lovely day yesterday with my Mother & Sister in Universal Studio Singapore! The new Transformer's 3D Ride is BEYOND THE REALM OF EXTRAORDINARY. Wish I could have shared more visuals with you, but a pity my battery went flat in the middle of a very heated snapping marathon. My cry of despair could be heard across the entire theme park. I'm in love with Universal Studios, its really intriguing to see different fantasy worlds overlap & interlink to form one massive dream haven. (then again, the king of dream haven has still gotta be Disneyland) And trust me, it doesn't feel like you are in Singapore anymore when you step into a place like that.

Oh & if you haven noticed, YES my image quality just got better! :D Its all thanks to my new DSLR, he works some wonderful magic.

The new year is right next door day, & I feel like I'm stuck in this frozen alternate realm where nothing seems to progress. Thoughts?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lets get lost


2 things nobody can live without - food & friends. Together, they work some magnificent magic indeed. Here's a few shots of the adorable human companions I've had the pleasure of meeting for this week. Holidays are finally here, & I'd definitely made it a point to do some catching up with friends & food alike. Got myself about fully booked for next week as well, whew. If only days like these could be an eternity. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Irrational is the new norm

(here's something you never see on this blog - me in specs)

There is no acceptable excuse for my erratic blogging schedule. But right now, you'll have to pardon me for doing another Houdini- because my common tests start this Saturday. (Yes, its quite stupid isn't it? To have tests on Saturdays -_-). Whats more hilarious is my birthday is next Thursday (just the day right after my last test. Joy to the world) & I absolutely haven't got the foggiest what to do. High tea again with my family? I'm actually in the mood for something more exciting, like skydiving with a five-man Swedish team, but that's clearly impossible financial wise.

Its December right now, with Christmas peeking right around the corner, but it still feels like October/November. The Holiday Mood is simply not reaching me at all, could be due to the fact that when all other youngsters out there getting their funk on with their friends during their December Holidays, we polytechnic students are still stuck having SCHOOL & whats worse, TESTS. :c

Yesterday night I had a dream where an octopus was crawling across my living room wall while my friends were over to play. It was oval-like & purple. All my friends started screaming their heads of like Edward Cullen just proposed to them.

Anyway I'd like to say I'm really grateful for all the reader I've had till now, friends & strangers. Your mysterious & faint presence is a heartfelt reminder that I'm not talking to myself here. Really. 'w'

Alright, see you later alligators.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Being thoughtful can be painful

Its been only a week, but it felt like a month. Finally, a time to catch a breather & return to this sacred space of mine.

These visuals have been way overdue, sitting quietly in a corner of my memory card, waiting like a sad abandoned child. As you can see, I've really been into metallics of late. Scored these incredible, drop-dead amazing Silver Litas at the nastygal sales for only 3/4 of the usual price! Absolutely adore how they turn out in photos, with the glorious daylight reflecting off the silver surface. ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ And those contrasting red laces... HOW CAN THIS BE ON SALES. Its one of my recent happy online purchases that I'm really thankful for. 。◕‿◕。 Oh, & imagine my immense joy at finding the perfect gold & silver cuffs. Goes with literally anything & everything. And my 2 new knits from Europe's H&M! They are so versatile & comfy I've been wearing them to school far too often. Especially love the 'coated' effect on each knit, undeniably unique & cool! The last photo is a recent acquisition of mine - a khaki coat with thin leather sleeves, just wonderful for Singapore's weather.

Dear me, I've been blabbering too much haven't I. ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ Just wanted to share some of my new wardrobe favorites & staples. What are yours?

These days, I often find myself wandering around alone. Not because I have no friends, in fact I realize I've been subconsciously trying to find ways or time to be alone in my own company. Then again, I like being alone sometimes, though now more often than usual. It gives me time & space to think.

Most importantly, it gives me distance to observe.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Even if you have to push everyone else away to make it right

Joo Won in Ojagkyo Brothers Ep 28

Every character he takes on is too beautiful & raw for words. If you haven't heard of him yet, start by watching his award winning debut (yes, he won an award after a single TV debut ) performance in Bread, Love & Dreams.


Just dropping in to say hi! (supposed to be on a week hiatus) I've noticed that recently my blog has seen a remarkable surge in Russian visitors for some reason? Здравствуйте!

The week has been a Wizard-of-Oz-worthy tornado of never-ending projects, assignments & worries. At times when it seems to be getting better, everything suddenly solidifies into a mass of pure academic agony that can only be defined by the common phrase: "shit-happens".

P.S fixed my formspring, its no longer private! Sorry for the confusion :s

Stay with me. Till everything withers. Till everyone disappears. Till we disappear.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brushing Past, Seeing Past

Taken on the night after the Topshop Party.

Decided to take some self-shots since for once, in a rare blue moon, I actually had some make-up on. (putting aside the fact that it looks very amateurish, hah) I'm madly in love with this Topshop leather Jacket I grabbed at the Party, the perfect concoction of simplicity & subtle street cool. Whats more, it fits me just great, probably the greatest miracle in the history of leather jackets. (every other one I tried one has always been slightly spacey) Hello new wardrobe staple.

It saddens me to say that I will have to leave this space for awhile. The sudden onslaught of 4 projects & an estimated 9 assignments (or more) has forcibly chained me to the harsh reality of a sad student life. The fact that I am limited to only spending $3 a day for the next 2 weeks isn't helping much either. (dirt-broke again, don't ask)

Well, if you are bored, you can always drop me a question/ramble at my new formspring! c:

Thus, my short escape ends here. See you soon strangers & friends. ; ^ ; /

Has this ever happened to you:

You are sure you have made a right choice
since it has fulfilled its predominant initial objective of the choice itself
but you don't feel happy at all
then is the choice you have chosen still a 'right choice'?

I can't come to a definite answer.