Friday, December 30, 2011

Wrenched Insides

Spent a lovely day yesterday with my Mother & Sister in Universal Studio Singapore! The new Transformer's 3D Ride is BEYOND THE REALM OF EXTRAORDINARY. Wish I could have shared more visuals with you, but a pity my battery went flat in the middle of a very heated snapping marathon. My cry of despair could be heard across the entire theme park. I'm in love with Universal Studios, its really intriguing to see different fantasy worlds overlap & interlink to form one massive dream haven. (then again, the king of dream haven has still gotta be Disneyland) And trust me, it doesn't feel like you are in Singapore anymore when you step into a place like that.

Oh & if you haven noticed, YES my image quality just got better! :D Its all thanks to my new DSLR, he works some wonderful magic.

The new year is right next door day, & I feel like I'm stuck in this frozen alternate realm where nothing seems to progress. Thoughts?

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