Friday, August 26, 2011

A Spider's intention

Remember the spider I mentioned in one of my earlier posts? Well, I managed to trap in a glass jar, just to observe how it really looked like up close. It was quite a queer creature, with white fangs and small white tips at the end of each fourth leg. Of course, after a round of harsh scolding, I let it go free. On second thoughts, maybe I should have named it first.

Well, the 2nd photo was taken just this morning when (yup, you guessed it) I just woke up. Which explains the atrocious bed head and scary fringe. What amuses me though, is that if you stare hard enough into my eyes, you can see my Winnie the Pooh pajamas reflected in them. Pfft.

A few more hours to setting off to Australia! Hope everyone is having a marvelous life full of surprises?

Such a sinful miracle

Elegant, bone white. Just like a drifting white cloud, that allowed the morning sunbeams to dance through. All I can say is that this is truly a piece of art, with soft splashes of pastel colours, that seem like light rainbow stains on an innocent white sky. Ah, how the silk-like material just caresses your skin, waistband fitted with a thin, ivory suede tie-cord. It simply takes one beyond the realm of comfort. Just looking at this pair of shorts makes me feel like dreaming... dreaming of a place bathed in light and coloured winds.

(Topshop silky runner shorts, bought at $39, original price: $76)

And it even comes with pockets! c:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You play through my mind like a symphony

All pictures by Olive Shoppe

Thanks to cocorosa, I just found my new dream dress! Isn't it beautiful, in the creamiest pearl blue, peppered with whimsical rabbit and sparkly juicy jewels. It reminds me so much of the Paul and Joe Sister collections, clothes that never fail to evoke the inner child and make you feel all happy and fluffy. Just looking at it makes me feel like going on a... treasure hunt! (´●ω●`)
The only hunt I'm going to be embarking on, sadly, is a job hunt. Seeing how this unearthly beauty costs $290 USD. Sigh.

Oh there's a spider on my wall right now. Maybe I should name it.

When did we stop having dreams?

I don't know about you, but when I have a bad day today evening, I have a cup of rich tea, and stare at a llama's calming face for awhile. Does wonders for the soul, I swear.

(= ω = )

"Its not his fault that he turned out this way"

(Alois Trancy, Kuroshitsuji OVA)

Nobody chooses to be twisted. Sometimes its the only way to survive, the only way to make sense of everything around you that's clearly completely wrong.

Let nobody see the tears or hear the sniffles. And you'll be safe.

Early Morning breakfast with Geraldine at Jones the Grocer, Mandarin Gallery. Really, nothing beats soaking up the morning ambiance of Orchard Road, the only time where downtown is ghost-town. There's just something in the air, an entirely refreshing and light feeling of some sort.
Oh yes, the both of us decided it was finally time to enter a phase all girls had to go through at least once in their life (other than getting your first 'red flag') - getting a pair of Jeffrey Campbells! Boy are we excited, can't wait for them to arrive!!! ( ゜∀゜)彡

All photos taken by my 'little photo' phone app! Such brilliance, with over 70 effects!! Don't you just love the multi exposure effect (2 images layered together)?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drowning in a puddle

Hello. If you are still reading this blog, I commend you. I serve you my heart, bloody side up, on a plate for you, seasoned with rosemary and cracked peppers. Really, I do. I am the worst blogger ever, leaving this blog to rot and die in the sun like a lost mermaid stranded on the dangerous pavements of New York.

How long has it been since I posted properly? I shudder to think about it.

On an impulsive whim, I have decided to delete ALL of my previous blog posts. Yup. Myabe I'll restore them when I feel like it.

All I can say is that right now school has been forced to be my life and sole purpose for living. So yes, I can't post as often as before.

But I'll try, so please just bear with me.
There are so many things I want to say, things I want certain people to hear, and to know.

Wait for me.