Friday, September 30, 2011

Tottering Twin Towers

Chiffon Skirt: Supre,Blazer: Zara,Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Fox Top: Bugis, Boxy Camera Bag: Fleamarket,Necklace: F21

Howdy Humans. Monday was well spent reuniting with my trusty shopping buddy, Lizzie, for a visit to Haji Lane. We were both 'Twin Towers' for a day, bringing out our highest foot candy to play~ Ah, and it was self declared maxi skirt day too! I'm not such a fan of skirts, but that indescribable feeling you get when a spontaneous breeze blows by, and your skirt flows into soft ripples around your legs.... (≧∇≦)

I wouldn't really recommend trying out towering shoes at Haji though. (especially if its only your 2nd day wearing them) The number of steps you have to climb in each shop... (´~`) it was so bad I begun to dread stepping into new shops and insisted we sit down at pluck for tea. 'Tea' came in the form of Raspberry Sorbet, Irish Cream & Dark Chocolate Ice cream. Mmmh, the dark chocolate ice cream was certainly memorable, with a slight richness typical supermarket-tub's chocolate ice cream couldn't hold a candle to.

On that day, a glorious miracle of great magnitude happened - we didn't buy a single thing at all. Tears of Joy & popping of champagne soon ensued.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love me like a crimminal

Here's my loots from the FLB 7 Flea! Strangely enough, whenever I'm out shopping with friends, I may not have bought the most number of items in the group, but for some reason I always end up breaking the largest buck. Its a terrible curse, I must say. Nevertheless, what an accomplishment! Just only 3 items! > w <
Loving the juxtaposition between the skulls and flowers, as well as the tiny stitched flowers and dots. Since my parents won't allow a snake pet, I figured I should attempt to manage my overgrowing snake obsession through other ways... such as collecting snake accessories. And stickers.

Justin Beiber has a snake for a pet. The world is unfair & cruel.

The saying on the shirt... how undeniably cold the truth is.

You can't return to the past, but the past will come back to you

Eagle hologram watch:Vintage from Queen Victoria Market, Blue leather Clutch & Top:RUNWAYBANDITS, Leather Paperbag Pants:Topshop, Boots:Miss Selfridge

Here's a few shots of how I spent my Saturday! Meeting up with a few lovely girls from my class, then heading for the incredibly-raved-about FLB 7 flea. Our perfect girl's day out consisted of Spanish Salsa Fries, Ben & Jerry's, gossips and laughter~ ( ´∀`)/ The flea though, was a torturous horror, held in a club so dimly lit that even the stall owners had to resort to using their iPhones as improvised 'stall lights' to help customers browse. Not to mention the fact that the entire place was so packed that you couldn't even see your own feet. I don't know about the flea markets in other countries, but the one in Singapore requires a great deal of courage and determination to enter, and an insurmountable amount of luck and strength to actually make it out alive with an actual worthy purchase. ( ̄へ ̄)

Just so if you're wondering why my face isn't in any of those photos, its because I was suffering (still am, slightly) the aftermath of my first facial from the day before. I'd like to seriously question the sanity of whoever said facials were 'relaxing' & 'rejuvenating'. It was by far the 2ND MOST PAINFUL experience in my entire life, and 1st is actually getting hit by a car.

Backtracking a little, don't you just adore Sinyee's Hope tank top? :3 And here's yet another vintage find from Queen Victoria Market-the hologram Eagle watch! Yes, I do have a thing for quirky watches. Maybe I'll do a watch post one day? :o

Friday, September 23, 2011

With the kindest smile I had ever seen, you pushed me down

For those curious little foxes, here's what my new hairstyle looks like! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

Honestly, I have no idea how a few shots of my new hairstyle turned into a mini photo shoot, but here you go. As you can see, I'm quite a boring night person. Nights are usually spent reading an interesting book, curled up in some extremely cramped corner in my room just to get cozy. Sometimes a spot of tea comes along, or a late night snacks knocks upon my door. But yes, that's just about it ._.

Say hello to my new lovelies! irregular wine colored knit, silky lace skorts, claw bone cuff and my new satin black sheets

I've never actually slept in black bedsheets/covers before, so I have to admit, its a pretty different experience! With the lights off at night, it feels like you are sleeping in a bed of... night sky? You look down and all you see is your entire body being enveloped in darkness. Its as if you were being wrapped in a cocoon of black, that merges with the dark night around you... I know it sounds strange, but for some reason it makes me feel... safe. Like its just me and the dark and nothing else can get us.

Goodnight! See you on the other side of the sandman timer c: