Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love me like a crimminal

Here's my loots from the FLB 7 Flea! Strangely enough, whenever I'm out shopping with friends, I may not have bought the most number of items in the group, but for some reason I always end up breaking the largest buck. Its a terrible curse, I must say. Nevertheless, what an accomplishment! Just only 3 items! > w <
Loving the juxtaposition between the skulls and flowers, as well as the tiny stitched flowers and dots. Since my parents won't allow a snake pet, I figured I should attempt to manage my overgrowing snake obsession through other ways... such as collecting snake accessories. And stickers.

Justin Beiber has a snake for a pet. The world is unfair & cruel.

The saying on the shirt... how undeniably cold the truth is.

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