Monday, November 21, 2011

Even if you have to push everyone else away to make it right

Joo Won in Ojagkyo Brothers Ep 28

Every character he takes on is too beautiful & raw for words. If you haven't heard of him yet, start by watching his award winning debut (yes, he won an award after a single TV debut ) performance in Bread, Love & Dreams.


Just dropping in to say hi! (supposed to be on a week hiatus) I've noticed that recently my blog has seen a remarkable surge in Russian visitors for some reason? Здравствуйте!

The week has been a Wizard-of-Oz-worthy tornado of never-ending projects, assignments & worries. At times when it seems to be getting better, everything suddenly solidifies into a mass of pure academic agony that can only be defined by the common phrase: "shit-happens".

P.S fixed my formspring, its no longer private! Sorry for the confusion :s

Stay with me. Till everything withers. Till everyone disappears. Till we disappear.

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