Monday, November 14, 2011

Topshop Breakfast Party

A happy morning spent at the Topshop Breakfast Party on Saturday! Unfortunately since we got stuck in a morning jam & a ridiculous Car park queue, we missed the opening of the party itself. Note to self: suck it up & get a cab next time you fool. It felt extremely liberating to finally be able to take pictures in Topshop! Albeit all the excitement & frenzy of being surrounded by their heavenly new arrivals plus the large crowd of fabulously dressed-to-kill people, I stupidly blissfully forgot to snap some shots till the very last minute. (on a side note, doesn't the black boots remind you of the Acne Pistol ones??) I have to admit, I'm certainly not used to events like these. Must have been the most awkward turtle there. (◎-◎;) Haha, it brings a smile to my face when I recall this conversation I had with a NYLON magazine photographer:

*in the middle of an outfit interview*
Photographer: Oh is that your mother?
Me: ah, yep
Photographer: OHMYGOSH your mom shops at topshop with you, so cute!

(ノ ̄U ̄)ノ

I also had the pleasure of meeting Shane from mymomhatesfashion! I has noticed him right away in the store because of his killer cool blazer. Before we talked, I was actually thinking up of 165 different ways to make off with it, heh. He's great fun to talk to as well! But for some unknown reason my camera went slightly out of focus for this shot. I presume it because his outfit is probably too amazing for my camera to capture.

That's all from me now. Excuse me while I revert back to geekygirl_1994 & attempt to prepare myself for this week's Business Law Test. (+_+)

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Mei めい said...

hey I love that red dress ;)

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