Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So bad that thinking about you would be a crime



As promised, here are some of my visuals from Paris! While touring Europe, Paris was where my camera's memory card nearly exploded. I recall stopping every 35 seconds to take a snap, a routine that really pissed my parents off to no end.

I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE REAL MONA LISA!!! ( O w O ) That's one item off my bucket list! She's surprisingly quite small in real-life, & cordoned off pretty far away from everybody, encased in layers of bullet proof glass (which kinda sucks for photographers due to the reflection). Apparently, its always crowded everyday, there. Talk about charisma from a silent (& dead) person. And that myth/legend that its seems like the Mona Lisa seems to be staring at you no matter which angle you stand at? Absolutely, amazingly true. Though it feels more like she's smirking than smiling if you ask me. I got to see a few other world renowned art pieces at the famous Lourvre Museum (Paris Fashion Week was just held there! :3), kudos to you if you recognize the 2 other sculptures shown here~

Ah, Paris... where do I even begin? I've never seen a city more beautiful, really. Everywhere you turn, anywhere you look, there will always be traces of art, just waiting to render you breathless you with its graceful beauty. Be it a pillar, balcony, statue, fountain, or gate, skillful carvings & sculptures can be found in everything! You simply can't help but admire the amount of effort & detail invested in them!

Interestingly, the city certainly wasn't really exactly what I envisioned. Movies, books, blogs and the media have all played a role in painting a beautiful portrait of Paris as an elegant, romantic city, where seductive mystery and promised glamor awaits in every corner & street (okay I'm not making any sense with that am I -_-). Sadly, that image crumbled slightly, perhaps starting with the fact that when we first reached Paris, we were warned by 6 different people, more than 20 times in total (in just one day!) about the pickpockets that were apparently trawling about secretly. Though I knew about pickpockets in Europe, I never expected their constant presence EVERYWHERE. We even saw a pickpocket get apprehended & detained by the police right in front of our very eyes. Talk about a cultural shock - Singapore's so safe I usually shop with my bag fully open (wallet in full view & hand's reach)without a care in the world. A stark contrast to how I behaved in Paris - with my handbag clamped tightly between my armpits 24/7, plus a protective hand clutching the sides as if my life depended on it. I know this all sounds very exaggerated, but I suppose when your tour guide tells you 10 different pickpocket tragedies at EVERY new location, a reaction like that could be excused as acceptable. :/

Well, I suppose every place has its dirty underbelly, Singapore has an unsightly side as well. All that aside, Paris truly lived up to its name as the ultimate shopping paradise. A luxury brand store at every turn, H&M at every street, malls that stack one after another like dominoes. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be safe for myself to travel there alone - not because of the pickpockets, but probably due to the fact that I would have to declare myself bankrupt after shopping myself silly in just a few days there.

Alright, I'm sorry for such a wordy post. You must be terribly bored by all that :< . Got a bit carried away just remembering the days I spent in magnificent Paris, haha. Paris Part II coming up real soon! Lets pray school (which has started, sadly) is kind to my schedule! ( > w < )

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