Saturday, October 22, 2011

All your Friends & Enemies.

It really is a "small world after all" huh? When I was young & naive, I used to love that song. It made me feel like all of humanity was close, like everyone's warmth & smiles were strung on the same colourful beaded necklace, as if I could touch everyone's thoughts ... & that everybody was a friend.

"That's bullshit & you know it"

On an equally dark note, RIP little Yue Yue. Your horrible, painful death will be a haunting reminder for us all, of the current decaying moral ethics in this doomed world. May you find peace in your afterlife, perhaps reborn on another planet where humans (& motor vehicles) don't exist.

Its been raining the entire week in Singapore. Forgive me for sounding like a melodramatic, depressing teen poet, but it seems like the gods are weeping over the sad loss of humanity. By that, I mean the quality of being humane.

We all hurt inside. Nobody just bothers to ask why.

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